Cultivate unshakable self-trust through the power of intention, ritual, & keeping your own promises

Welcome to the most practical, shame-free, life-changing course that will teach you how to trust yourself, love yourself through action, and completely opt out of Hustle Culture. Join 1000+ others who are already on their Live with Intention journey...

simplify, focus, & make joy a habit

And let’s just say it’s not about doing more and hustling more and never, ever taking a break. In fact, it’s the EXACT opposite of that.

It’s weekends and evenings completely off, boundaries around your time, less crap you think you “should” do, and more of what feels purposeful. More joy in your day to day life. More of you listening to and honoring yourself—with ease, with joy. 

This isn’t an impossible dream. It’s completely within your capability. 

And there’s nothing wrong with you that you’re not there yet. You just haven't found the loving and gentle system that works for you. 

There’s a real way to get there.

There's a life where you totally trust yourself.

here's the reality...

And you just found it...

Do any of these sound like you?

Are you really, really hard on yourself and can’t seem to stop that negative inner monologue?

Do you struggle with procrastination and follow through?

Do you feel like you don’t have enough time to do what you want?

Are you too worried you’re not “good enough” to even begin the big projects you dream of working on?





 Tell me:

To be honest, I rarely finish online, self led courses and have actually stopped taking them. But Jamie's was different. You could feel the amount of attention, intention(!) and work that went into the course. I have actually completed it twice and am going through it for a third time. It's a course and body of work I will continue to visit as I get more each and every time.

— mary beth l.

“Live with Intention has been one of the most impactful courses I have ever taken.”

Most productivity and habit change systems will have you suffering for goals that they think you "should" have. There is no focus on your life enjoyment or emotional well-being. There's a promise that once you get the "results" you think you should want, you'll be happy. 

But it's a myth. If you don't enjoy the journey, the reward is too fleeting and the enjoyment wanes. But they never tell you that. 

Doing things from a place of joy will always work better. Knowing which goals and intentions you actually care about will increase your ability to stick with them. And sticking with your intentions, putting in consistent effort, is the best and only way to truly build self-trust and unshakable confidence. 

If you have a history of procrastination and self-sabotage, you aren't doing anything "wrong" — I think you just haven't found the right system yet that prioritizes your joy, your well-being, and your goals.

If you fuse joy with intent and action—you get unparalleled magic.

here's what they won't tell you:

What aspirations keep you up at night? Do you want to...

• Write a book one day?
• Show up to your art consistently?
• Start your own business?
• Get in better shape?
• Eat more healthfully?
• Cook more meals?
• Get out of debt?
• Take care of your mental health?
• Be more on top of your day?
• Keep your own promises to yourself?
• Have more fun & joy with your creativity?

 Let's talk...

But so many of us have been burned by these concepts before—getting sucked into the burnout cycle of Hustle Culture. 

Because of that, this is the first and only system that combines habit and ritual change with emotional well-being—so not only will you be more focused, but you will be adding more joy into your life—on purpose.

And it'll feel... easy.

Easier than you would expect. Because, what you'll be learning just works, and makes sense—and will have you transforming without resistance. You'll be working WITH yourself, instead of trying to achieve AGAINST yourself. 

Whether you have personal or professional aspirations, being consistent, committed, and disciplined is the way to ensure your own success. 

Live with Intention


The digital course that teaches you the exact method to show up for yourself, cultivate discipline, and generate self-trust and joy, on a day to day basis. And how to enjoy the journey of bringing your dreams to fruition. (In fact, you might enjoy the journey so much that the result feels like the cherry on top…)

Getting into the right headspace for an intentional life (mindset shifts & growth!)


Figuring out what you actually want to do (and why it’s important to you)



It all comes down to my unique 5 Step Intentions Process that anyone can implement successfully:

Making a plan to get there (a realistic plan!) and expecting and planning for your success


Committing to taking consistent, focused action (small, easy steps are best!)


Ramping up, quitting what’s not working, & going all in on what is working (yes, quitting is a good thing!)


Jamie has a very unique ability of weaving words in a way that hit you right in the heart at exactly the right time. Live with Intention invites us to live a life that prioritizes joy which means naturally all the nonsensical, unnecessary parts of life fall away. With real, tangible action steps, and a gentle, but no BS approach, this (visually stunning) course has allowed me to get out of my own way, look at where I am doing things out of obligation (or because I “should”) and instead live a life that feels expansive, creative, and joyful. 

The biggest mindset shift I have found is that I no longer need to seek joy. I notice it EVERYWHERE! The simplest and smallest of moments have the most profound effect on my day - that’s where the magic is. Appreciation for the little things.

I am forever grateful that Jamie Varon and her teachings are in the world.

— Amelia W.

“I can’t recommend this course, and Jamie’s work, high enough.”

I used to think that intention-setting was a bit woo-woo and just another buzzword. But the way I was setting my goals wasn't getting me anywhere, so I decided to give Live with Intention a try.

With Jamie's usual clear, honest, and vulnerable approach, the course showed me that you build the life you want brick by brick, and you can do so without shoulds or shame to hold you back.

— johanna

“With the tools shared, I have been able to create new routines that are steadily moving me toward the woman I want to be, in a kind, sustainable way. I can wholeheartedly say that it changed my life for the better!”

Jamie’s course has allowed me to reflect and reclaim my story. In the past, I have been flakey, inconsistent and never trusted myself in the past with a habit of always putting someone or something else first. This course was exactly what I needed during this challenging time.

Working through her course has allowed me to take own self responsibility, learn and grow. I feel that I am becoming more aware of myself, my strengths and how to lean into them. What Jamie has taught me most is to be self-aware and to trust myself.

— clair

“I feel Jamie’s unique style of writing allowed the course content to make sense in a way that burns through to your heart and soul. It has taught me tools and techniques to live in a way I have always wanted but didn’t know how.”

The Live with Intention course is a perfect mix of practical, creative and inspirational. It's filled with thought provoking content that helps you really take hold of your habits and how they affect your life. The production quality is excellent, with a variety of support materials like worksheets, PDFs and videos, as well as bonus content.

I love that I was able to access it on my own time as opposed to having to attend a seminar or call at a specific time. The impact on my life has been great, giving me confidence and clarity of mind to tackle new challenges in my life.

— Aurélie

“This course really helped me as I made the transition to motherhood, I knew it was the perfect time to spend some time on myself so I could enter this new chapter with a clear head and a renewed mind and sense of purpose.”

This course unlocked a new stage of self-development for me. The reading material and videos provided me with perspectives, tools, and tricks to help me see my behaviors in a new light to approach changing them with kindness instead of blame or shame.

This course not only exposed me to new ways of thinking about myself (with so much more graciousness and kindness and love) but also inspired me to dig deeper in my life to root out behaviors and patterns that weren’t serving me at all. I am immensely grateful for Jamie’s wisdom, kindness, and loving attitude towards self-growth.

— abigail

“Weeks after I finished a piece of the course I still found myself mulling over ideas and looking at myself in a new way.”

Jamie's Live with Intention course is so much more than meets the eye. Yes, you will gain clarity and cultivate habits that reflect that clarity, but you're also gonna learn about yourself in a really real, really raw kinda way.

Her authenticity is deeply relatable and the pacing is such that you aren't overwhelmed and really WANT to follow through. 

If you're looking for something that's so much more than self improvement, something more like self inquiry in a loving, sustainable way, this is what you're looking for. 

— Violet

“Jamie is there the whole way, gently leading you through a simple, beautiful process that, if you let it, can and will change your life for the better.”

I really enjoy Jamie's real-life comparisons. It's helpful to hear what a "problem" was and what someone's actual solution was that yielded real results. Especially when the solution is so simple you can see yourself doing it.

During the time I actively showed up with LWI I felt accomplished. I felt like I was learning. I was in school for ME. The school of me :) Growth didn't feel cheesy. It felt necessary and possible.

Why not try? Nothing else has worked so far, right? What if this were it? Can you really go another year feeling this way? Do you want to? WHO SAYS THIS IS THE WAY IT HAS TO BE?

— allie

“It’s tangible. It’s human.”

The biggest change for me was mindset. Through the course, I've realized that to live a life of my dreams, I need to be brave and follow a path that not many around me have chosen. I also took on a new mindset of allowing this to be easy and joyful - and that has made such a profound difference in how I approach things.

— angela p.

“It’s a great reminder on how to approach life and teaches you an approach to life, building your dreams, and is done so in a way that is easy to digest and enjoyable to consume.”

What is an intentional life exactly? Why does it matter? How does it all work?

More importantly: how is being intentional going to get YOU closer to the kind of thriving life you crave?

Without knowing what your priorities are… it’s impossible to prioritize them, right?

So, let’s get all your wants and desires out in the open, then dwindle them down to 3-4 top priorities. You'll also learn about overcoming procrastination, self-sabotage, and imposter syndrome here—all in doable, easy to understand ways!

Here's What You'll Learn

Emotional Prep & Mindset Changes

What You Really Want & Why

Step One

Step Two

Okay, of all the steps, this is obviously the most important, because it’s putting into practice everything you’ve been learning. But, by the time you get to this step, you’ll be ready. I’ve designed the course this way!

This is where you learn to actually BUILD the life you want—not just hope it happens to you. (And, trust me, building it isn’t really that difficult once you implement this joyful process…)

This whole last step is about living an intentional life consistently and sustainably.

You’re going to assess what’s been working here and you’re going to see why building that momentum and consistency is so important, because now you have the foundation built. Now you can expand and ramp it up (if you want to).

Show Up & Do the Work

Evaluate & Expand

Step Four

You’ll get a full picture of your responsibilities and you’ll be able to see where you can cut back, what you can add, and what you realistically can do in a day.

This is actually fun, because you get all this time back into your life—just by getting clear on what you want and how you want to spend your time.

Make a Plan of Action

Step Three

Step Five


In the course dashboard, you’ll receive 30 pieces of content, in a variety of PDFs and worksheets, along with a master PDF that includes all the course material if you want to have it printed and bound.

You’ll also receive about 3 hours of video, in total. Along with that, you’ll receive the bonuses that are listed after the 5 Steps.

When I found Live with Intention, I was in a tough place. Business was stagnant, my life was okay but stressful and unorganized, and I was just struggling to stick with any of the things I knew I needed to do to make my life improve. I was frustrated. And - the Covid-19 pandemic had just begun a few weeks before.

First off - I loved the course itself. It was gentle, easy to read and understand, even as it challenged me to examine things I really didn’t want to do. I felt things start to shift right away.

In the year that followed, I learned to love cooking for the first time in my entire life, I took huge steps towards managing my mental health better that have improved my life monumentally, and I grew my business by 30%. During a global health pandemic, my business exploded, all while I worked half the number of hours I had the year before, and with zero hours of childcare.

I use the lessons I learned every day to make my life easier, more fun, and more full of self-care - the real stuff, not just the bubble baths. My family, my team, and my future self all have benefited hugely. So grateful to my past self for taking the chance on this course. You won’t regret it! 

— LYnne s.

“I am sitting here a year later telling you that Live with Intention changed my life - but not only that, it changed my heart and my mind.”

“I used to wait for the weekend to feel joy, but now all my days are filled with it!”

How does this sound?

“I finished THIS BIG THING I’ve been saying I want to do for YEARS. OMG!”



Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to say the following (and mean it)…?

“I am my own best friend and I've finally got my own back!”


“I trust that what’s meant for me, will be. I’ve got this self-trust thing DOWN!”


“I can’t BELIEVE how far I’ve come!”


Jamie is personable and real in her writing. It translates beautifully into course material. She breaks down concepts in easy to understand ways, for situations that we all face in life. One of her lessons was about organizing and scheduling your time. She offered a practical system that I have implemented in my life every week and it works SO WELL. More importantly, she dug into the deeper subconscious impulses that drive why it is that we do the things we do. 

She introduced the concepts of intention, shame, being enough, and so much more. I felt exposed, but in a very good way. Reading her material, listening to her videos and talks - it was a therapeutic experience. It really got to the heart of our behavior so that we can have the confidence and understanding to adjust our actions and be happier. She articulates these concepts so beautifully, and has a way of making you feel so good about yourself and your choices in the process!

If anyone follows Jamie on social media, they will know the thoughtfulness with which she creates content. She aims to empower and definitely accomplished that goal with this course!

— katie

“Anytime you can walk away from an experience feeling lighter, happier, clearer, and more confident - you know that the time you invested was worth it. That is how I felt after each lesson.”


Immediate access to the 5-step course that you can access anytime, anywhere, so you can build your intentional life at your own pace

first, you'll get

Beautifully-designed materials (the course is 80% PDFs and worksheets and 20% video) that will lovingly walk you through how to create the intentional life you most desire


A 100% bullshit-free approach—no extra fillers or distractions. I’ve made this course with as much intention and integrity as I do anything else in my life. 

And this:

Give your Future Self the gift of progress, keeping your promises, and a full life of joy and purpose

Take a digital tour of the inside of the course!

“This course is truly transformative and worth every cent.”

Live with Intention is an antidote to the crazy hustle mentality. It is helping me stay centered, create powerful goals with realistic means to achieve them, all as I move towards generating a more sustainable, joy filled life.

Every time I read Jamie’s words I feel calm, centered and inspired. Her course is like an anchor that I continually come back to as I work towards my goals. —Jennifer D.

“If you’re not sure about the course—do it. I promise the information in there is easily worth ten times the price.”

Is it too dramatic to say this course changed my life? Because it did. I've done a lot of therapy and work on my tendency to "throw the day away and start over the next day" if something went wrong in my life. I was also holding my own happiness and self-love hostage, which is not a good feeling, let alone a motivating one.

I was in the midst of a lengthy period of deep depression and anxiety, and since starting to incorporate these changes and reframe the way I look at worth and the everyday, I've already had friends and family comment on how much more calm and energized I seem. Deciding to make decisions and changes for me— not my family, strangers on the internet, or people I think I need to impress— is a precious kind of freedom I didn't know was possible. And I love that Jamie's course gives me the space and agency to make these changes in the way that feels best for me. —Alexandra H.

“I immediately felt the value in the thought and care that went into making every detail of this course. It lifts your spirits before you even dig in.”

While I knew I wanted to live a more intentional and connected life that left me feeling nurtured and loved by the self, I just really struggled to find the flow. I stayed on the hamster wheel of busy work and toxic habits and passive self-hate language for so long I wasn’t sure there was a way out. 

The Live with Intention Course has flipped that limiting beliefs on its head. I am a work in progress but this course has allowed me to lean into the life of my dreams, intentionally, passionately and practically. I am in love and so full of gratitude for this course and for all that Jamie has brought to it! —Megan F.

More success stories...

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Powerfully rewrite your story—and bring forth more ease, trust, and joy into your life. Join 1000+ others who have already started their live with intention journey:

It’s time for you to step into radical, revolutionary self-trust.

But this isn’t about being more productive just for productivity’s sake. 

This is about giving yourself more time to do the things you love, and spending less time on the things you feel you “should” do. This course is a full overview of your priorities, and then a clear action plan to work at those consistently, with proven methods that will give you clarity and focus. 

You will feel more purposeful, but not busier

This is not “hustle culture” nonsense. This is you loving yourself, and actioning on the things that most matter to you.

This is about using habit change, discipline, action steps, and commitment to build a loving foundation for yourself and your life—in an easy, doable way that is built upon joy. Joy is the standard here. You will learn to have more joy, while still going after the things that matter most to you. 

Action cures fear. When you pair action with joy, you are unstoppable. When you pair self-accountability with desire, your life will change for the better—drastically. When you recognize that honoring your commitments to yourself is how you build self-love, it’s like unlocking the magic within.

Here’s the simple secret: You don’t need more time; you need more focus and intent.

It’s a relief. A freedom. A joy. To be able to count on yourself.

I suddenly got so much more done in the day, while also feeling like I had so much more time to do it and I still had time to relax at the end of it. It felt so expansive and really took the franticness and frazzledness out of my day as well as helped alleviate the feeling of constantly feeling behind and trying to catch up.

Now, almost a year after taking the initial course I feel much more on top of my day to day life. Some more of the lessons clicked for me quite recently and I've felt a significant shift from feeling resentment about chores I used to procrastinate on, to seeing them as vital healthcare and an important framework in my life that everything else is built around. 

Since then it's been so much easier to do the small day to day stuff that I used to feel so much resistance to and even find joy in doing them. It's freed up soooo much mental space and energy to do the stuff that is actually important, while also adding greater joy to my life as I look around and see the proof of having taking care of myself by taking care of the basics.

Jamie's teaching is so kind in a tough-love and no-nonsense way, the whole course is packed with goodness and without any fluff or pointless filler content. Highly recommend! 

— Ffion E.

“I took Jamie's course at the beginning of 2020 and am still reaping the benefits.”

10 beautifully-designed PDF prints to put on your walls 

10 beautifully-designed phone wallpapers of mantras

30 additional journaling prompts

50 affirmations to use for your own life-building broken down into categories like Money Mantras, Love Mantras, Career Mantras, etc.

Get the whole course + these amazing bonuses!

Oh yeah, you get this, too...

The whole course as a workbook that you can get printed!

You also get...

Dozens of previous students have printed up the course booklet and have romanced themselves by going through it intentionally and deliberately.

You'll receive over 200 pages of course content, worksheets, and reflection prompts that you can fill out on your computer or by having it printed.

Use this to track your progress—and experience joy while taking the course at your pace!

Live with Intention got me out of my head and off my ass. Not only did I stop wishing and wasting time, I got motivated to make a difference and create some long-awaited changes in my life. Be accountable. As someone for decades who loved to read about the woo and dream big, this course got me to finally...DO. And that is everything.

Life goes too fast to watch and wait. This course is the gas to get doing. You deserve this.

— tara s.

“I’ve gotten a new job, fixed my debt and started writing again. Going to bed proud of yourself every night after what you put in is priceless; and this course gave me that.”

Be so fiercely committed to the things you care about and the vision of the life you want that you don’t have the time, energy, or need to compare yourself to other people.

Live with Intention Ethos:

Live with Intention is so good, I want to buy it again. I had mastered the art of keeping promises to everyone but myself, but Jamie's system led me one gentle step after another down the path of being pulled forward by my joy rather than pushed forward by fear, simply avoiding failure rather than planning for my success.

But better than getting things done is the compassion and trust for myself that has been built by approaching my life this way. I am no longer the biggest obstacle standing in my way and am gradually becoming my own secret weapon instead.

— emily

“This is a repeatable framework that works for anything from finishing a screenplay to getting in shape, and it’s material that you will revisit again and again and again.”

I can't say enough good things about the experience of going through Live with Intention, what it's bringing to light for me, and how incredible it feels to be building momentum and trust in myself — even while acknowledging I'm in the baby stages of implementing.

In telling a few friends about the course, I've been describing it as a beautiful marriage of productivity practices and self-compassion.

And that's so needed because all too often those elements can feel like they are at odds.

— james

“I’m beginning to see results and even better, having the kind of emotional and spiritual experience of showing up for myself that I’ve always dreamed of.”

To be honest I don't even know how to put it in words. I just reached Step 5 of your course and watched your video. I'm SO grateful for your course. For real. I was mostly just 'consuming self help content' and not trusting myself.

And your course is actually directing me to design my OWN life and decide what feels good for me instead of someone telling me what I should do.

I feel like just now I'm starting to really discover and build self trust. Thank you for that! 

— Lisa

“I thought I already had done ‘enough self-help courses’ in my life. But something told me yours would be different.”

The course has honestly been life changing. I've struggled A LOT with sticking to, well, pretty much anything. I have a tendency to rebel against any sort of structure, but I knew that I needed intentional routines to make my life easier and happier. The way I was operating just wasn't serving me.

I can't quite believe that I now have routines that serve me, that have reduced my anxiety and lift me up on a daily basis. I feel better - and more like ME. 

I like myself more and I am, dare I say it, proud of the life I'm building. So needless to say, I love this course, I love Jamie and I can't recommend this enough. 

— Louise

“If you have a tendency to self-sabotage like me, then this course will be perfect for you.”

Become one of those people who’s focused, lovingly disciplined, and moving forward on their dreams and goals… 

Completely and fully trust yourself to show up and create the life that is more free, more joyful, more exciting, more fun…

Have an inner monologue that is filled with kind words and compassionate thoughts (and much more joyful days because of it)…

Find a healthy balance between work and rest that makes burnout a thing of the past…

Feel that time is on your side, and you have plenty of it to build the life you really, really, really LOVE…

By the end of this course, you will...


Know every single day that you kept your promises to yourself and are moving the needle forward on what you MOST want…

I'm Jamie and I believe in you 100%...

I’m completely obsessed with teaching people (especially women) how to create the lives they want, get out of their own way, and believe in how damn worthy they are. It’s my passion—it’s what I do in every facet of my life. 

As of 2022, I am completely and fully living my dream life while also being able to actively enjoy it. I am both in the present, and dreaming of more—trusting that whatever is meant for me, will be. 

I have never ever been happier, more at peace, more confident, more grounded, more in touch with my emotions and my body. None of this is by accident. I had a vision and proactively created this life using the Live with Intention method that this course teaches you. 

Hey there!

I paid off all of my student loan, tax, and credit card debt 5 years ago and have not once carried debt since then. 

I have a book deal with a major publisher and that same book has already been a bestseller on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (before it's even out)!

I wrote that entire book in two months without any writer’s block. It was the most joyful creative process I’ve ever had. 

I’ve lost 50 pounds and overhauled how I cared for my body, how I ate, and how I approached exercise (all while actually loving my body)

I have continuously made more money, saved more money, and deepened my financial well-being. 

I trust myself radically, completely, wholly—and can start and stop new rituals and habits with ease. 

Let me tell you how living with intention has radically changed my life for the better...


And while these are shiny and exciting accomplishments, what’s even more important is that I’ve also managed to do incredible healing work, and have stepped into the most powerful, honest, freest version of myself. 

But it wasn't always this way. 

I’m not just “lucky.” Or better at this than other people. Or born with a natural instinct for organization or commitment. Years ago, I used to lay awake at night mad at myself for not doing so much of what I said I wanted to do. I was disconnected from what I actually wanted and so afraid of not being “good enough” that I never even started or committed. 

And I felt awful. I wasn’t happy. My anxiety was out of control and I was down on myself all the time. 

I’ve cracked the code on living with intention, on going all in on your deepest desires. It’s been the fundamental transformation of my life. I think of my life in a before and after: before living with intention and after—it’s that powerful. So much happier and free. 

I am my first success story. But not the last.

You're next...

My work has been seen in:

Study at your own pace

no facebook groups to keep up with

lifetime access to all the content

Follow a proven roadmap

“I've made things happen this year that I simply couldn’t in the past three years of being in business desperately trying to make ends meet. I am doing things that I was too scared to think about.”

Live with Intention brought me a lot of confidence in my own abilities as I realized how I had the power to choose to do things differently.

I have a history of breaking my promises to myself but the course made me see things in a different light and gave me a chance to dove deeper into what was truly standing in my way.

I am learning to be kind to myself and set myself up for success with intention. It was a deep dive into exploring what living with intention means for me and how I can cultivate that on my own terms and in my own way. 

With that kind of confidence in my own self, clarity around what I really want has made this the best year of my business and life so far.

I've made things happen in this year that I simply couldn't in the past three years of being in business desperately trying to make ends meet.

I am doing things that I was too scared to think about. I know where I want to go and what I need to do to get there instead of sitting in fear and hoping to not feel afraid one day.

Like you say, action cures fear - I am experiencing that in real life at the moment. 

— Hira

Then let’s do this! The unique Live with Intention Course will offer all the structure and insight you’ve been craving so you can build a super loving relationship with yourself.

It’s time to expect the best for yourself, and actively and intentionally build the life of your dreams. This is your year. You can create your most joyful life. I’m so excited for you.

Are you ready to thrive?

“I found a job I never dared dream of. But you made sure I did dream, and acted on it. Now I find myself in this place, where I’m truly happy with the person I’ve become.”

Your course was life changing for me. I finally found the courage to truly listen to myself. With your help, I started asking myself the right questions to figure out what I wanted from my life. And I started building.

Now, a few months later, I hardly recognize the person I was at the start of this year.

I’ve grown so much stronger thanks to the tools you provided for me. I stand up for myself now, without so much as giving it a second thought. It has become my new nature. I don’t feel sorry anymore, for choosing myself. And it changed everything. 

I can never thank you enough for this, but you do have my eternal gratitude. You’ve taught me things for life. 

— yvonne

Let's Do This Thing!


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Powerfully rewrite your story—and bring forth more ease, trust, and joy into your life. Join 1000+ others who have already started their live with intention journey:

It’s time for you to step into radical, revolutionary self-trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm super busy right now. What if I don't have time to take the course now?
You get all the materials at once. You have this content forever. And you can take the course completely at your own pace. I believe this course finds you at exactly the right time. <3 

Are you offering a payment plan?
YES! I love payment plans. You can pay for the course monthly or in full. Both options are available. 

If I’m a past student, will there be new content added?
Not this time, but if I ever do add new content, all past students will receive it, free of charge!

What can I expect from this course?
Emotional transformations as well as practical worksheets and action steps. I’m a big believer in partnering emotional growth with actual, tangible steps, so that’s what this course is all about. It marries the emotion with the tangible!

Can you guarantee specific results?
What you put into this, you’ll get out of it. I can’t guarantee that X, Y, and Z will happen for you in concrete terms, but I can guarantee that if you commit to seeing your life in a new way and approach your priorities with curiosity, you will learn about yourself and how better to live with intention. 

Do you offer refunds?
While I know this course is packed with value and the system works, I understand if you get in there and it’s not for you. You’ll have 48 hours to request a refund by emailing and you’ll be given one, no questions asked. But, please be mindful: because the course can be easily downloaded, please do not keep materials or download unless you plan to stick with the course. 

I’ve bought other courses before and have been disappointed. What makes yours different?
That’s such a bummer when that happens! I think what makes mine different is that I’ve spent 5 years honing this system, so I feel like I’m bursting with helpful ideas and a solid process that I can teach, both through practical application and my own experience.

How will this be different from your book, Radically Content?
While the book touches on similar subjects, it’s much more of a narrative story than this course is. The book sets out my belief system, to create satisfied and content lives. And the course is, essentially, a very practical how-to. I would say, more than anything, they complement each other really well! 

There’s no doubt in our mind that you’ll love this course and will be able to apply the principles to improve upon your life, but if you do get in the Dashboard and really feel it’s not for you, we’re happy to offer a refund within 48 hours of purchase, no questions asked. You can request it by emailing:

That being said, if you get in and resistance starts to take over, we recommend that you do stick with it. Resistance is completely normal and part of the process. In order to grow, you’ll need to be able to push through that initial fear. You signed up for a reason—and our hope is that you won’t be taking a chance on us, but taking a chance on YOURSELF with this system. 


48 hour

I cannot say enough about Jamie’s Live with Intention course, it has truly changed my life. The course is clearly laid out with readings and assignments that aren’t too much to tackle in small bites for someone with a busy life that may question if they have time to start. 

Each section builds perfectly on the last and allows for introspection and also gives clear examples for inspiration to create a plan for the life you want.

This course has helped me with sobriety, navigating catastrophic and negative thoughts, and helped me create a clear path to my goals.

I am actually on my third pass through it in the past two years, it is just as impactful to go through again as my goals, priorities, and needs shift.

If you are looking for help in creating a more mindful and purposeful life, this is a fantastic first step!

— lisa m.

“I have purchased a few self-guided courses and never felt it click in the way that Jamie’s course has. She is a true curator of joy—the course is kind, thoughtful, and realistic.”

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If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out. I will get back to you within 24-48 hours, often much sooner than that. I want you to feel good and empowered by this next step!